Part timeMore than 770,000 highly paid employees work part-time, a new report has revealed.

The Power Part-time List report, by flexible working group Timewise, is a run-down of senior individuals or organisations with flexible working patterns. It shows that the number of people working part-time and earning over £40,000 is up 5.7% in the past year.

Timewise joint CEO Karen Mattison said there had been a dramatic increase in job shares, allowing a glimpse into more agile job design in the future. “All it takes is an open-minded employer who is prepared to try something new in a bid to hire or keep the best people and an innovative solution is born,” she commented. “I am delighted the conversation is moving away from why people need to work flexibly to how businesses and individuals are making it work.”

Now in its fifth year, the report also claims evidence of an emerging trend into flexible hiring. More than half of those listed were appointed to their roles on a part-time basis rather than having to ask for flexible working opportunities once they were in the job. Timewise says this demonstrates that part-time working is no longer just a concession to people who have already proved their worth to a business and employers are getting more creative in their recruitment strategies

Furthermore, the report also highlights the rise of job sharing, with nine senior job shares featured on the list – again showing how employers are reshaping roles to suit the talent they want.

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