With more and more jobs being advertised every day, an interesting new piece of research has pinpointed precisely which industries are creating the most roles.

Analysing ONS data from the past 30 years, manufacturing firm RS Components has found that real estate, or property, is the industry which has seen the biggest boost in jobs in the past three decades. There’s been a rise in the amount of jobs available in the industry of 142 per cent, and this can be attributed to the booming housing market since the 80s.

The next high performing industry is science and technology – thanks to the massive strides that the industry has taken in the past 30 years and the ever-growing reliance that we all place upon technology. The industry has seen a rise in jobs of 130 per cent.

Other industries to have experienced a jobs boom include administration, up 122 per cent, healthcare and communications, up 91 per cent, and healthcare which is up by 74 per cent.

However, not every industry has seen a rise, in fact there are a number of industries which have actually lost a huge proportion of the available jobs in the past 30 years. The biggest drop is within the mining and quarrying industry which has gone down 69 per cent.

Other industries also losing jobs due to changing times include manufacturing, down 46 per cent, electricity, gas and air conditioning suppliers, down 29 per cent, public admin and defence, down 21 percent, and the agriculture, foresting and fishing industries which are down 20 per cent.

While the last thirty years have seen a number of changes in what industries provide the most jobs, the next thirty could change this all again. A new recent report has found that manufacturing could see a massive resurgence in the coming years thanks to the rise of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

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