The long-awaited Taylor Report was released this week, bringing with it a raft of recommendations on how employee rights in the UK can be improved.

The Government commissioned the report last year following the rise of working practices such as zero-hour contracts.

The report, led by the Chief Executive of the RSA, Matthew Taylor, outlines seven key principles it says all businesses should adopt in order to provide good quality work for all.


They are:

  • that the “national strategy for work” should have the explicit goal of good work for all. Government is accountable but businesses also need to embrace responsibility;
  • worker status should be renamed dependent contractor status and it should be made easier to distinguish between these individuals and those who are genuinely self-employed;
  • employment law and the way it is enforced should help companies make the right choices and enable individuals to know and exercise their rights;
  • good corporate governance and strong employer relations, not more employment law, are the best way to achieve better work;
  • everyone should feel they have “realistically attainable ways to strengthen their future work prospects”
  • organisations should take a more proactive approach towards workplace health, given that “the shape and content of work” and wellbeing are closely related; and
  • employers in different sectors should form sectoral strategies to ensure individuals do not get stuck at national living wage level and are able to progress in their careers.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Matthew Taylor said:

“Bad work – insecure, exploitative, and controlling – is bad for health and wellbeing, something that generates cost for vulnerable individuals but also for wider society.

“As many business leaders recognise, low quality work and weak management is implicated in our productivity challenge. Improving the quality of work should be an important part of our productivity strategy.

“Technology – like robotics and machine learning – is going to have a big impact on jobs and the tasks that make up those jobs. As we seize these technological opportunities – as we must – we should do so with the aim of making working lives better, taking away the drudgery and leaving the human contact and creativity that machines can’t provide.

“If we want employees  who are engaged, responsible, active, who – to coin a phrase – ‘take back control’ we should encourage those same virtues in the workplace. Our idea of what it is to be a respected employee should not stop at the office  door.”

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