A monthly survey of recruitment agencies across the UK has found that the Midlands is the area of the country where there has been the fastest growth in permanent job opportunities.

Along with the North of England, the Midlands has seen the largest rise in people being placed into permanent roles by recruitment agencies since April 2015.

400 recruitment agencies were questioned by the survey, which offers an insight into how the labour market is working in the UK.

Overall, the study, carried out by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, has found that across the country people are being recruited into roles at the fastest pace for over two years and that there is a sustained and increasing demand for staff. However, the availability of candidates was found by the survey to be slowing, with the number of temporary workers available decreasing sharply.

In addition, the survey found that there are more temporary positions being offered in London, where it is thought that the uncertainty being caused by Brexit is leading more companies to consider short-term solutions rather than longer term permanent hires.

As quoted in the Financial Times, Kevin Green, the Chief Executive of Recruitment and Employment Confederation, said; “London historically has outperformed the rest of the UK but it’s certainly lagging now. When there’s uncertainty you just get someone to fill in for a three-month period or a six-month period until you see what’s going to pan out.”

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