Living standards think tank, the Resolution Foundation, has published a review of the types of jobs people are currently doing up and down the country.

The group undertook the research in response to political campaigning for todays election, which, as ever, has focused on winning the votes of ‘ordinary, working people’ for all parties.

The Resolution Foundation found that despite politicians’ custom of visiting a building site or factory while on the campaign trail, less than 10 per cent of people work in manufacturing or construction. Most people, four out of five to be exact, work in industries that provide a service to customers without manufacturing anything.

Laura Gardiner from the Resolution Foundation explained on, “Service sector jobs have grown over time: 20 years ago they made up less than three-quarters of employment. The biggest growth since then has been in public administration, education and health.

“Over the same period, the biggest fall has been in manufacturing, where the share of jobs has halved since the 1990s. The sector now provides employment for just under three million workers.”

Other findings reveal that two thirds of workers are in still in ‘traditional’ full time employment for an employer and that the number of women in the workforce has risen from a third in the 1970s to nearly half today.

“Rapid growth in female employment during the 1970s and 1980s means that women now make up almost half of the workforce.

“Rising female employment has been one of the key drivers of improvements in living standards over the past 50 years.”

So, we seem in relatively good shape going to the polls tonight. It’s proving to be a 2 horse race at this late stage and all we can do is wait and see what democracy brings us overnight.  Let’s hope regardless of who’s in power that we continue to thrive, grow and develop as a nation.

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