The Government is to review the rights of workers in the UK to bring legislation more in line with today’s working practices.

Current rules don’t account for the ongoing rise in businesses employing individuals as self-employed workers in order to avoid paying benefits such as annual leave allowance and sick pay.

The Prime Minister has tasked Matthew Taylor, a former advisor to Tony Blair, to review the ‘gig economy’ with the aim of overhauling workers’ rights to reflect a 21st century society. The review will be published in June.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Sunday, Matthew Taylor explained: “If, as an individual, in the relationship with the person who’s hiring you, they control your work, they control the basis upon which you work, they control the content of your work – that looks like the kind of relationship where the quid pro quo should be that you respect that person’s employment rights and entitlements.

“If you want to control your workers, you will have to respect their rights and provide entitlements, too, but if you really don’t want to control them, that’s fine, then they’ll be self-employed. But it looks like there are cases at the moment where firms both want control but not to provide those workers with entitlements and rights.”

High-profile cases such as those involving Uber and Deliveroo have been in the headlines lately. The Guardian reports that in October, Uber lost a landmark employment tribunal case brought by drivers, who said the stringent conditions placed on their work by the taxi app company meant they were not self-employed, but employees who were entitled to minimum wage and sick pay.

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