4 of SF Group’s most successful and senior employees, gave up some office time this week to volunteer at an Interview Skills session at Cardinal Wiseman School in Birmingham.

In an event organised by local social enterprise Ahead PartnershipMike Lattimer, Samantha Strong, Gareth Watkins and Robert Young provided the opportunity for pupils to engage in and experience an interview scenario. The team were determined to manifest confidence and instill positivity into the students they worked with and based on their feedback, we’re confident the session was a huge success for them.

Q. How has today helped you? What have you learned?

  • “Today has helped me as it allowed me to feel confident and positive towards my future career and allowed me to feel happy – excellent!”
  • “Confidence and believing in myself”
  • “You should believe in yourself more, because we all have it in us”
  • “Today has taught me there isn’t anything to worry about, just stay calm”
  • “I learnt that I have to believe in myself to make myself more confident”
  • “I learnt that interviews are all about telling your good stuff. It helped me very much because now I know how to be better for my real interview”
  • “I have learnt that interviews aren’t too scary”

It was an absolute pleasure, if any educational establishment in the UK would like help run interview skills or employment workshops for your students, please do visit www.aheadpartnership.org.uk  and get in touch, this organisation draws on public funding where possible  to help schools build their own bespoke employability programmes, a truly valuable service for all concerned.

Give us a call on 0845 519 3655 or email kbutton@sfgroup.com and we will arrange a date.