There is lots going on around to world to mark this day including McDonald’s turning its sign upside down to make a W, demonstrations in capital cities to raise awareness and even a train strike in Spain in the name of equality. It’s also 100 years since the suffragettes won the vote for women in Britain and the year where the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have made gender equality a mainstream issue.

To us at SF, IWD is a reminder to us all (both female and male), that we have a responsibility to our businesses, the wider community, the country and even the world to ensure that gender equality is commonplace, the norm and that the issue is one day a historical topic. Not yet is this the case worldwide, but as a business, we are striving to ensure we are 100% advocates of equality in all its forms.

Within SF, our female leaders include; our CEO, Operations Manager, Financial Controller, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, our L&D Manager and that’s not to mention 4 Operational Directors and even our highest performer for the past 4 years is female. That’s not to say we haven’t got an equal mix with our fantastic men too but we are firm believers in meritocracy regardless of gender.

We are also part of the recruitment organisation Ignata and today we want to celebrate all of our female directors within this group. Ladies, take a bow and thank you for the continuous inspiration.